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对……感兴趣 用英文怎么说

对······感兴趣 1、Be interested in 例句:He is interested in playing basketball. 他对打篮球感兴趣。 2、Become interested in 例句:I wonder when dad has become interested in geography. 我在想爸爸什么时候对地理感兴趣了? 3、take ...

be interested in get interested in be fond of 希望对你有所帮助,有不会的可以再问,祝学习进步! 您的及时采纳是对答题者的尊重!O(∩_∩)O

对什么感兴趣用英语: be interested in 双语例句 1、在这沉默的背后,就是我对什么感兴趣。 The silence behind this, is what I'm interested in. 2、谈论一下其他的人对什么感兴趣。 Talk about what the other person is interested in. 3、...

make sb interested in sth

Thank you for your being interested in our articles. 【俊狼猎英】团队为您解答。祝你进步!

be interested in

It's nothing to get excited about. 这没有什么值得兴奋的。 excited 英[ɪkˈsaɪtɪd] 美[ɪkˈsaɪtɪd] adj. 激发的; 兴奋的,激动的; 活跃的; 受刺激的; v. 使兴奋( excite的过去式和过去分词); [例句]...

你好,很荣幸为你解答 翻译为 I am very interested in this story, I hope... 希望对你有帮助

be/become more and more interested in (doing) sth. 例如: She is more and more interested in playing tennis. She is becoming more and more interested in maths.

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